This Valentine's Day, buy a gift that was Lovecrafted.

Lovecrafted is a shop local project, in support of Artsjunktion, that shows Winnipeggers the importance of shopping locally.


About Lovecrafted

Lovecrafted is a Valentine’s Day promotional pop-up shop in support of ArtsJunktion, showcasing eight Manitoban makers. This project includes a shop-local social media campaign, promotional brand videos, a Christmas craft workshop, and the final pop-up shop. It aims to show people the importance of buying products that are made in Manitoba and raise funds for an organization that provides free arts workshops to Winnipeggers.


Small shops. Big hearts. 

Did you know that ArtsJunktion recycles and redistributes over 3000 kg of art materials every month? That's enough to fill almost 4 passenger cars! All profits from Lovecrafted events will go to ArtsJunktion so that they can continue to provide free art materials and workshops to Winnipeggers.

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Our Makers

Buying local means you are putting money back into the economy and reducing the amount of fast fashion clothes that end up in landfill. Each of our makers spend time, love, and effort when creating a product just for you. 

Lovecrafted Stories coming December, 2017.

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Our Events

Craft, wine, and mingle at Lovecrafted Nights in support of ArtsJunktion at Forth on December 12, 2017.

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Shop, sip, and support your favourite makers at the Lovecrafted Pop-up at Forth on February 10, 2018.

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Support local businesses by partnering with an initiative that raises funds for the arts and culture community of Winnipeg and promotes shopping locally. 

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